Animator/Videographer looking for great IDM music!
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Animator/Videographer looking for great IDM music!


Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum but I didn't see anything about collaboration and I'm not actually a musician. If there are better places or ways for me to post this please correct me!

Post goes like this:

I'm a experienced HD filmmaker/animator specializing in the dark, sexy and surreal. I'm looking for electronic music to make awesome new videos with! I'm currently doing new shoots and production, and would ideally like to finish a video by the end of this year.

I strongly prefer dark IDM like Subheim, Totakeke, Diaphane, Hymen records etc... but will consider dark Trance and Industrial, if done right.

I'm making some really cool stuff and this would be a great opportunity for someone who has the right sound. You'll get a free HD music video!


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