The Nova I: A Plug and Play LED Light Show Device That Syncs Perfectly With Music
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The Nova I: A Plug and Play LED Light Show Device That Syncs Perfectly With Music

Hello everyone!

I'm obviously new to the forum, however I've been a fan of EDM for the past seven years or so. I even dabbled in producing for a year or so until I realized I suck at music theory.

Anyways, over the last eight months, I've been developing a product named the "Nova I". Just a few weeks ago, I opened up public sales. It's the world's first plug and play LED light show device that syncs perfectly to your music. To work, all it needs is an audio source (phone, computer, mixer, etc.), a speaker or stereo with aux input or RCA input, and some 12 volt LED lights. It's very mod friendly and offers a ton of customization. The Nova I is perfect for anyone looking for a medium sized plug and play light show for parties, studios, DJ setups, etc. Common setups include 12 volt LED strip lighting, and sometimes even large 12 volt LED flood lights for DJ setups. For DJ setups, the audio doesn't actually have to pass through the Nova I. Most of my friends have their Nova I's just connect to a mixer output.

Check out our website below for a demo video and more information. The video is best viewed in 60fps as the default 30fps doesn't really show how well the lights react. Sorry it isn't a clickable link, my post count has to be 30 to do so.

Let me know what you all think! I'd love to hear some feedback from fellow music lovers.

(hopefully you guys don't consider this spam, I figured this was the most relevant sub)


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